The Colwyn Victoria Pier

What you need to know.

Dismantling costs are estimated at between £2m-3m.

CVPT believes this money ought to be invested in restoration on behalf of the people of Conwy.

Conwy County Borough Council is presently seeking to dismantle the majority of the Grade 2 starred listed 1900 structure whilst leaving 76 stanchions.

 Our survey shows 89% of the population opposes this.

 For an idea of what 76 Stanchions would look like, watch this video.

In 2013 Colwyn Victoria Pier Trust (CVPT) and Conwy County Borough Council (CCBC) were together successful in securing Heritage Lottery Stage 1 funding to develop final plans to restore Colwyn Bay Pier.

CCBC returned this money to HLF on spurious grounds and immediately sought permission from CADW to delist and demolish having withdrawn from the partnership with CVPT. In November 2014, the Trust and Town Council submitted a revised bid to the Heritage Lottery fund for 9.6 million pounds. The bid was not successful due to CCBC’s implicit opposition to it.

Key Council officers are set upon demolishing it.

CVPT’s consistent vision for Victoria Pier is ‘to restore it to its former glory at the heart of the Bay as a viable and sustainable mixed use facility for local people and visitors to enjoy which is run as a social enterprise that can contribute to the regeneration of the town.

Based on Article 1 of its Constitution Conwy County Borough Council is committed to work in partnership with the community in order to provide effective and efficient services. In this context, and for this particular project, Conwy County Borough Council is obligated to work and engage positively with CVPT, a social enterprise with the objective of operating and managing Victoria Pier following its restoration.

Since acquisition no safeguarding work on this Grade 2 starred listed structure has been done despite CCBC claim’s of ownership and their unwillingness to act; being their own authority in progressing enforcement measures.


Colwyn Bay Pier’s Pavillion is one of three “Theatres At Risk” 2015 located within Conwy County; out of just 5 in total in Wales. As residents of Conwy County pay to have their listed and ancient monuments protected for future generations they are entitled to receive that service.

The Council‘s staff and elected members are responsible for the delivery of local services to the County‘s 112,000 inhabitants and for the implementation of local policies in a wide range of fields including economic regeneration, social inclusion, sustainable tourism, rural development, coastal protection, education and learning, environment and planning, health and social care, housing, countryside, leisure, highways, tourism and property services.

Our proposals are focused on meeting the multiple outcomes for the heritage for people and communities.

The Trust is actively consulting with the public regarding the pier’s future usage and viability.

CVPT is now working on a new 2016 bid with the authors of the successful 2013 bid continuing its strong partnership with the Bay of Colwyn Town Council. The focus is on heritage, conservation and regeneration. HLF has suggested that an interim ‘Our Heritage’ grant application looking at gathering memories/stories of the pier should be developed early in 2016. This might be delivered in collaboration with the local and should help form the basis for a partnership between CVPT and CCBC.

Our vision for Victoria Pier is ‘to restore it to its former glory at the heart of the Bay as a viable and sustainable mixed use facility for local people and visitors to enjoy which is run as a social enterprise that can contribute to the regeneration of the town’.

In achieving this, we will:

  • restore and conserve the structure of the pier and bring it back into meaningful use
  • restore the 1930s Art Deco pavilion to create a multi functional affordable community arts and entertainment venue
  • develop an attractive entrance building to provide ancillary income generating accommodation
  • develop a new discovery and learning centre at the pier head
  • conserve, restore or recreate the Art Deco murals by Mary Adshead and Eric Ravilious
  • ensure the pier is accessible to all
  • provide opportunities for volunteering, heritage skills training and work experience

Our proposals are focused on meeting the multiple outcomes for the heritage for people and communities.

We propose to create three ‘hubs‘ of visitor activity linked by the pier deck which will be the venue for promenading, sitting, viewing and socialising brought to life by an activities programme.

We propose to repair the original columns and other structural elements of the pier deck and structure in situ where practical. The historic cast iron balustrade will be transported to a workshop for restoration. We will salvage elements of the balustrade that have collapsed into the sea. New sections will be cast as appropriate.

The timber deck will be completely replaced.

The entrance building will comprise 8-10 modular retail units on deck level plus a first floor to accommodate pier management and 8 incubator units.

We will provide an unimpeded vista along the pier to the pier-head.

We will restore the pavilion improving its performance thermally and its longevity. We will reinstate the original tower turrets with their Moorish influences, retain the interior space of the pavilion as existing, uncover, conserve, restore or recreate the Mary Adshead and Eric Ravilious murals and repair the original stained glass lay light. The auditorium will be retained with stage and dressing rooms to the rear and we will subdivide the space into smaller areas to allow flexibility of use.

The saloons on either side of the auditorium will be converted into an exhibition space and community room on the landward side, and cafe on the other.

A lightweight glazed structure on the first floor offering extensive views across the bay will be used as a restaurant on the seaward side and rehearsal/changing rooms on the landward side.

The Bay Discovery Centre will provide an interactive interpretive exhibition and multipurpose education spaces. A glazed box at sub pier level will allow visitors to engage with the pier‘s historic structure and to look out across the bay to the wind farm.

We will reintroduce the bandstand.

A pontoon will be erected at the end of the pier providing a launching point for boat trips at high tide.

We will create a beacon of light at the end of the pier that creates a dramatic impact all around the Bay.

 The restored pier will be a visitor attraction and community venue that meets modern day visitor aspirations and ensures the long term sustainability of the structure for future generations to enjoy.

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